Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It Came from the Forums: CavPathfinder's Word bearers!

Old School here with this month's dose of It Came From the Forums, my dive into the forums to find the best modelling and painting logs in existence. This edition we are going to take a look at CavPathfinder's ongoing project log for his Amazing Word Bearers XXX Legion on Bolter and Chainsword So let's take a look at the collection of images I have gather for you to feast your eyes on ...

First up is the squad above. This squad is sick, with plastic card boot lifts and tons of conversion work, including flesh tags, a champ with a sick crozium, augmetics, animal bones on the heavy weapons and what looks like a lifetime's work, it is worth the trip to follow the link in the first paragraph just to see the details and extra shots explaining how he made the squad.

This rhino is the embodiment of the Word Bearers Legion to me. The book, the FW bits, the desecrated enemy corpses on the fron of the chassis and sacrificed on the star at the back of the rhino and the ton of gear surrounding the pintle mount - yes, this is how this legion brings the Word to an unknowing Galaxy!
The biker lord has some awesome work here, especially the whole skeleton, but it is the subtle work that really exited me (especially since it looks a little easier to pull off); the fantasy skeleton horse ribs over the gas tank, the bloodletter hellblade and the whole pose of the model really do it for me. It actually has the notion of movement!

Alright, I threw up my hands in disbeleif here. Seriously? I own a lot of oblitz and couldn't imagine making that many of this dude, but just let me say that the delicate cardwork, the brass rod and the use of green stuff here prove beyond a doubt that this guy has some serious modelling chops!

Yet another squad of CSM that inspire me to make better CSM in the future. I may have to use his process to make my Sternguard/wolfguard counts as someday!

Here is where I draw the line. This is awesome and I love to see it, but I don't know if I could ever put this much work into each bolter.

This was the photo that drew me to this in search results and i have to say that even though it is just blue tac'd together, it looks awesome. LOOK AT THE SKELETON ON THE PACK! This model is a little over the top and while I wished he'd use a different head, I cannot beleive what is possible with a skill set rooted deep in the manipulation of the full spectrum of modelling materials (bits, wire, GS and card) Simply amazing! While I can't get behind the idea of investing some much of my time into just the modelling of each yutz in an army, I can imagine myself attempting this level of detail in a couple minis to act as centerpeices and eye catchers for my army.

Finally, as you stare at this awesome defiler/grinder conversion, I want to point out that this project log is current and ongoing and has yet to see any paint! I encourage you to visit this project log and offer your encouragement to CavPathfinder to get him to finish and put the paint on this army. Let's keep him motivated and maybe even turn him to the dark side (blogging). If you'd like to see this series more than once a month let us know. The forums are a place I dread for army lists, but regularly attend for modelling and painting logs. I love to bring masterpeice level stuff like this to the surface to encourage the creators to continue to make inspiring work and maybe even give them a jump start to blogging!


  1. Those look fantastic but I couldn't help noticing the defiler/grinder's 'Big Gun'...

    I wonder if that one is going to be Slannesh themed!

  2. this is exactly the kind of stuff I wish I was capable of doing to my models. Where do you get the idea of doing these types of conversions? Is it just A idea that pops in and says "this would be sweet"?

  3. I don't know. I think some people can just tap into the either and really create. Maybe I should start interviewing the folks I do these posts on. What do you all think of that? Is it enough just to show off their cool work and point others in its direction?

  4. I personally think that insight from their creators would be at least interesting if not beneficial.

    The myriad of techniques that can be used vary greatly in their employment to each and every hobbyist.