Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ultimate Land Raider WIP Update!

Salamander Land Raider WIP update!

So I got all the green stuff work done finally. On to paint for the Obsidian Chariot.

WIP pics:

I used a lot of inspiration from all over the internet for the design, not to mention a deep dig through the bits box.

The side colums were made with a combination of plasticard, green stuff and basilisk earth shaker cannon barrels.

I press molded vulkan's personal icon to make the center pieces to the ceiling structure. When I was drafting the idea I pictured a sort of under ground almost dwarf like forge built into a cavern yet still refined and not so much stone cut. (tons of pics, keep reading)

The sides of the flamestorm cannons I
completely, and shamelessly stole from Chapterhouse. I didn't want them on doors though, so I had to improvise and make my own to put on the flamestorm sheilds. They do amazing work and I have purchased a fair
amount of stuff from them so I was able to justify it to myself at least.

The real pride I have in this land raider is it's construction. The doors are fully magnetized and ever movable piece is movable. I also magnetized the sponsons to switch from Redeemer to Crusader.

On top of that, the roof of the land raider comes off to expose the inners which I plan to detail as greatly as the outside.

In order to have the top open that giant hole h
ad to be filled. I was going to uses lego gears and bits to make it look like somthing more mechanical but I kept forgetting to get some when I'd go back home from my old Lego stash So I just dug up stuff to make it look sort of mechanical and I'm meh about it. It could definitely be better and is the weakest area of the whole model but it works for what I need it to do: cover a giant hole.

The doors slide open. I actually had no idea that these inner doors moved. They just pinch in together between the two halves of each tread side. The outer doors are just held on with a magnet.

I tried to hinge one side and it was a HUGE pain in the ass and, with the chains, didn't work. I'm no engineer, I proved that.

Another reason that I wanted the inside to be visible is because I want to put a mini dioram
a in there.

The idea is that this guy, I don't who, is some
kind of explore/forgefather assistant, whatever, and he's looking though a section of the tome of fire. There is a sevitor and servo skull bound to the tome or something to assist in the information retrival and 40k universe stuff like that around him. I imagine that books are more digital than actually paper/ink. It's nothing amazing, but just a touch that adds character to the land raider. I'll leave off with a trail of pictures of the diorama.

Enjoy! Feel free to ask and questions you might have and check back for up dates on this bad boy!


  1. Damn it Vinton! Now I have a lot of greenstuffing to do. Great model though. Really upping the bar.

  2. A true work of the forgefather. The green stuff work is very close to the level of art.

    Something dumb that came to mind. have you ever considered raising the pulpit inside the land raider a few centimeters and installing a Led with a wristwatch battery? An earthy golden glow seemed appealing in my imagination.

    I realize this would be just more work on a model that you have obviously spent an obscene amount of time on.

  3. Honestly, we do have a good model train hobby store (which I've been trying to get all the local 40k players to go to and its like pulling teeth) and it has all the workings for fiber optics. I did consider it, but I think I have to limit myself on this. Have you ever put anything like that in a vehicle? Any pro tips if so? I see myself eventually doing it because I always embark on ridiculous 40k goals.

    If I ever played orks though...all my buggies would have ground fx!

    Thanks for the compliments!

  4. looks wonderful. how much more green stuff will you be doing before you hit it with paint?

  5. So I got all the green stuff work done finally. On to paint for the Obsidian Chariot.

  6. My mouth hung open for about half a minute when I started reading this post. Amazing work!

  7. Great sculpting mate! looking forward to the painted model!

  8. I put some green on it over the weekend and now you can't tell the amount of work and extra stuff on it.

  9. I have never put leds on a model but i have messed around with leds on crafts. L.e.d.s take alot of patience because its difficult to ground them in condined spaces and still make it possible to replace the battery or emplace it for that matter.

  10. Dont worry about the LED. The model is amazing, just give it some love from the tamaya compact. LEDs are a little much.