Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gate of Infinity pulling out the win

I was able to break out the salamanders and let me tell you, it was a good old time. I really like how my list plays out and I really hoping to have this as an all-comers fun list. At the very least it'll be jaw dropping pretty. (refer to my salamanders land speeder a few months back for a taste)

I played two games in a row with the same person, same list, same board. It was my opponents first time playing with blood angels (first time with space marines for that matter) so I know there is a breaking in and learning process. He's a chaos player so its not that bad of a curve but rules like ATSKNF and drop pod assault are totally foreign to chaos players.

The mission is a capture and control, pitched. We set up our markers and go along having a great game and it starts to come down to the wire for objective grab and our board looks like this (Top of Turn 5)
He is pretty content to just claim his one objective and is banking on the game ending. He has a furioso dread that he is moving closer but I know is too far to be of consequence. The top of the turn he shoots at my terminators with the predator. Then on my turn I run over with them and knock a few weapons off and stun it. End of turn five. Game goes on....
Top of turn 6 the terminators finish off the predator. Terminators move closer to Vulkan, Librarian and marine. Librarian moves away from Vulkan to join the terminators. End of turn six. The game goes on...
Librarian gates over to the assault marines and combined with a run move, contest the objective for the win.
I haven't seen gate used at all in our store. I'm a huge fan of it after seeing how much more mobile my terminators are with it. Unlike a land raider its hard to wreck their ride considering the librarian has a 2/3++ AND 2 wounds. Jumping around at will 24" (more with a friendly scatter) is really powerful in an otherwise relatively slow army.

So what are your stories about gate of infinity? Has it worked out for you or did you just generate lolz? Tell us your glorious (or tragic) story about gate of infinity!


  1. I used to Love Gate back in 2nd Edition. I could take it with my Genestealer Cultists an you would have 10 Stealers in a Chimera with a Psyker and Gate so the tank would move, Stealers get out and run, Psyker would cast Gate and then the Stealers would be in CC in turn 2.

    When you had 4 Psykers and each had that power it was nasty for 2nd/3rd turn wins.

    If only the cultists would come back!

  2. Gate is a great power and it is too bad that there really aren't any codex marine players in the store. The gate is the answer to getting termies around without the raider and may become more common (if we have C:SM players around more) with Dark Eldar's rise.
    Grats on the win man. I think we may have to start a grudge between your Salamanders and their many shades of counts as and my 14th Black Crusade ... I smell Battle Reports with fiction added! Story time!

  3. ... I play codex marines OST... They've always been my main army...

    - The Judge

  4. Yeah, I forgot about you judge. All I can thinly about is the gale where your orks got eaten. When are we gonna get some games. Lysander seems so tasty. OR MAYBE THE 14TH CAM GIVE YOU AN EVIL MIRROR MATCH.

  5. that was my first game with orks! and ill garage game you right now! how many points?

    - The Judge

  6. I use 'Gate' to move my 10 man 'foot' Terminator Squad around as they lack mobility without it. It also gives them the ability to contest an objective 'last minute' which has won me games on more than 1 occasion.

    One particular time he 'Gated' back across the table on turn 5, joined a Unit of Marines and then 'Gated' them back on turn 6 to the objective that the Terminator Unit had just cleared.

    It makes more sense than cramming half of them into a Land Raider that'll just get blown up by some Sacrificial Guardsmen with a 10 point Meltagun.

    Some pictures of the (admittedly still needing a lot of work) army can be found here,

  7. I love using Gate of Infinity with a unit of sternguard to jump around providing close fire support for my assault units.

    In one memorable game i lined up my unit to rapidfire some hellfire shells at a squad of Gaunts scatterd 11 inches and landed in between the gaunts and 2 carnifexs

    Decided on a change in targeting priority killed 1 carnifex with shooting got charged by the other and my Libby instant deathed him with his force weapon then gated away again on my next go. 2 carnifexs for no losses great!!

    Have also had some absolute disasters had a whole game where every jump scatterd and mishapped and spent the entire game stuck in reserve not great for a 300 point plus unit