Thursday, July 15, 2010

Salamanders Army

I've been going back and forth about what I'll be starting next because (despite holding an approximately 50/50 record with them) no one likes playing guard. I jumped between holding out for Dark Eldar and riding the codex creep or jumping on Space Wolves because when guard stop beating up deepstrike lists I feel that wolves will make a come back in a big way.
However I realized I never got to play what I had always wanted to with space marines: Terminators. Thus the salamanders were spawned. All I want out of this is a fun list of any kind, as long as it has a land raider, Vulkan, a Librarian and thunderhammer terminators. I want the list every 12 year wants.
On top of this, I just got a nice airbrush for my birthday and after some research and a little practice I opened up the idea of covering my army in badass flames. I used a method called 'true flame' and there are a ton of tutorials on youtube if any of you wanted to see how its done. The only difference is the template you make for it; instead of a round french curve looking template you have to make a straight line of waves and then for the inner colors hand paint them in. That's it. Have fun, enjoy the pictures!


  1. Hey now... I like playing Imperial Guard... but i don't play the standard lists with them either... so maybe that is why.

  2. Wow! That looks better than ours. This of course means we will have to kill you.

    Team Snake Eyes.

  3. After you kill me will you at least use the land speeder so that wife doesn't burn all my 40k stuff like she says she'll do when I die?

  4. The flame paint job looks fantastic and the bases - that lave cracking, is just awesome. Very well done.


  5. Just will it to Chosen1. I'm sure it'll get used.