Sunday, October 17, 2010

chaos marine biker on horse, the first yutz!

Old School here with my first regular CSM on bike ... er ... horse and while I am pretty happy with it all together, I want to ask you all about the helmet. I like the gothic theme carried by the double shoulder pads and the leg armor, by I wonder if the helm is just right, need a little work to look futuristic or if I should scrap it for a 40k CSM helm and leave the fantasy helmsman for the hq?

Hope you all enjoy it in any case. If you haven't seen the other biker horsemen, then scroll down, you'll find them.


  1. Looks fine to me, it fits and works with the model without making it look too fantasy either. When I first saw it, my impression was Chaos Marine, so I doubt you'll get too many thinking it's fantasy based on the helm. After some paint, you'll probably feel better about it. If anything, maybe score grills into the face of the helm to make it look more machined rather than forged. I wouldn't though.
    As for your label "14th Black Crusade", don't you mean, 14th Century Black Crusade?

  2. Where did the extra shoulder bit come from? I really like the look of it.
    Also, I think the helmet is fine as is. The model screams Space Marine first and foremost, no worries.

  3. I love the helmet, and he overall feel of the model.
    I'm not to big on the double shoulder-pad over the chaos star, I think its the gap between the chaos star and the new one thats bugging me, I like the look on the plain shoulder pad though. I'll reserver final judgement until I see it painted.