Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dark Eldar: Video Codex Round Table Review!

Hey everyone,

On Saturday night a few fellows from our local game store (Evolution Games), including Vogryn, DeathBringer along with FarseerRerolls, SeerKarandras (from Craftworld Lansing) and myself sat down and talked a bit about how the codex effects others and what some of the favorite stuff is. So have a listen and a look and tell us what -you- think!


  1. Very Nice video Steve, I wish I could have been there, but I know how seldom it is you can tear all those guys away from tables to actually comment for 10 minutes together.

    I really was interested to see what Vogryn (possibly the best strategist in the area) and SeerK (eldar expert) had to say. The video really got some meat on it when they took the stage and I appreciate them coming on board. I think the army is very much a glass cannon as it should be and while they will not need the alpha strike to win, it will help against shooty armies like guard.

    One thing I always liked about fighting them and hated fighting as them is that not only are your vehicles easy to kill, but you tend to drop a lot of bodies when a vehicle explodes. The 5+ invul will prove to be the DE's best friend when it comes to going second. The codex is very balanced in my opinion here as the army is KILLY in the EXTREME and as a balance, it has to suffer in terms of fragility and I think they walked that line very well with this codex.

    I have been out of the shop quite a bit lately, but I will be back soon enough and we will have to field test SeerK's baddies in a series of videos. I would like to see how the nids fair, but honestly, I want to see the guard face off with them even more.

    ... and yes, I am wringing my hands a little at the prospect of all those poison weapons and all that assault capability, but not much. I think I can overcome it and drive them back to their basement where they keep Eldrad locked in a chest like the Gimp!

    Once again, great video guys.

  2. I was hoping you would show up for a few minutes so i could ask you to be in there for it, but I did not see you Wednesday or Saturday! Perhaps next time. The cam will also allow me to do some video battle reports and such, perhaps even some rules explanations with demonstrations. We shall see where this takes things.

  3. Well its been tossed around that Lady Malys is Eldrads crazy EX wife as she is an anti psyker with his divination ability.

    I look forward to playing against the nids and the Guard. I think the guard more as they are pretty prolific at Adepticon.

    nice video Lord Solar we need to do these more often

  4. Love the comment on changing his lists against dark elder. Spoken like a true power game. Tailor that list

  5. I do not feel its powergaming. the dark eldar codex has made me aware of an obvious weakness in my take all comers list that i have not addressed. lack of answers via shooting. this is a glaring weakness in my list which i had intended to fix earlier. I hate power gaming and tailoring lists it doesn't make the game any fun at all.

  6. nice video and they look like fun im only worried about there annoying amount of tank popping guns since i luv to zoom around the feild in my wave serpents now