Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tyranid Bonesword Review: Swords from the Motherland!

Old School here with a little Bone Sword review for some bits I got from Russia with Love from the mysterious Mrs Velard.

Any Tyranid player and many of their opponents know the power of the bone sword all to well. Who wouldn't want their warriors to each have one? I ordered these for $10 for 3 pairs - enough for three hard double sword warriors or enough for six more sensible bone sword lash whip warriors (stand by for those conversions. This is how they came - just a couple nubs where they were broken from the flash left by the injection mold. Other than that, all I need to do is wash off the releasing agent.

Here is a look at the from the other side. The mold is accurate enough, the arm is down right scandalous in how it mimics the nid arms.

The sword fit very well on the warriors (I magnetised all of mine immediately) and as you can see fit the overall look of the nids.

Mrs V has these available only once in a while, so if you want them watch for them. I just saw that Secret Weapon is also making some bone swords - when I get some of those, I'll put out a review for the Swarmlord's weapons! Let's hear what you think.


  1. They look pretty cool to me. Thanks for sharing the link to Mrs Velard.

  2. Any place else to find swords like these online? I hate like the ones without the arms. Alot easier when they look like this. Would need Hive Tyrant Sized ones. Any ideas or links would be helpful! :)