Friday, September 24, 2010

Necron Tomb Stalker! Crons take a lesson from the Nids!

I am not a giant Necron fan, but holy smokes am I impressed by this Tomb Stalker - Let's check the math on this one, Giant Necron Robot + Mechanical Centipede + Oval Based Monstrous Creature + guns X Forgeworld = Awesome! While I am not so sure I like the Crons butting in on my Nids Buggy theme, I am a big fan of Crons getting models that don't just look like bigger Necrons (Their Range needs to change or else it will just be a boring army with a new codex).

Centipedes are one of those creatures that I really can't stand, so it also fits the nightmare theme the crons have for me and I can just imagine this thing stalking the empty halls of sleeping tomb worlds searching for hapless intruders.

What do you all think about this model? If this is any indication of the route the Crons might be going, then the rumoured "Necromancer" MC might not be as horrid as I first imagined (sounded like a giant cron to me).


  1. It seems to be building off the Scarab + Spyder theme. It does look awesome though...


  2. my first reaction was AWESOME, but then i looked more closely and it just screams 'I converted this anime model that looks nothing like a necronby sticking some gauss flayers on it'

  3. I dunno about "nothing like a necron" look at the legs, which come from the tomb spider template (just given some pointier ends since they actually walk instead of float), then look at all the necron symbols under the chest. The back is straight up destroyer shell and the gauss flayers are small, but I don't think they look stuck on. The only part that looks utterly silly to me is the antennea.

  4. Too close to a mechanical Tyranid....

  5. Its a grand looking model but I wish they would move away from bug them in regards to alien machines. You have nurgle's fly (blight drone), khorne's tick and scorpion(bloodslaughter) and now the necon centipede. Whats next, an eldar mosquito or an ork snail. I just think their creative edge is getting a little dull.