Friday, September 24, 2010

Forge World Unviels Grot Mega Tank: Grotz on a Boat!

This is a fun post for a Friday. I, like everyone else out there was obviously drawn toward the giant robot centipede that is the Tomb Stalker. I neglected this Grot Mega Tank, a huge tank that I think will satify a few Grot Revolushun players I can think of, but the big question is: why does it look so much like a boat?

Grotz on a boat? Could it be real?

Oh yes, this Boat is real ...

I know its an old video, but Flippy Floppies for the Win, have a great Friday!


  1. I gotta say that I'm not a big fan of the FW Ork vehicles. There's too much scrap and not enough structure. They're all essentially big rectangles, which isn't very inspiring.

  2. In defense of grots everywhere I would have to agree that the Ork vehicles are not FW's best work but little green sailors on a boat is fun as hell!

  3. No, not for those prices either. I can cut up card and make rivets and glue it together with a few ork bits and make most of their vehicles with just some time and effort - never mind the hundreds they want and the time it takes to get resin right AND the "hot car syndrom"

  4. I have to agree that FW has missed the mark a fair number of times in the various lines. And their pricing is beyond rediculous. But this time I think they got it reasonably right, the whole idea of a tank looking like a ship... and all grotz... pure win as a concept.

  5. I can't really judge the size, but if it's big enough it would make a pretty awesome pirate themed Flash Gitz battle wagon.