Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Damned Project II: Bring the Heat!

Old School here with another installment of the Damned Project for my client's Legion of the Damned squads. I painted these guys up a couple weeks ago and finally based them last week. This installment features a Heavy Flamer, Flamer and my favorite so far, the grenade guy!

I like the Heavy flamer Marine and I like the idea of heavy flamers in general ... I just hate that LoD makes them cost an extra 30 points!

I am very happy with this guy and I hope he will be too.

Flamer ... there are plenty of these guys.

Here is a view of the grenade thrower from his extra flamey side! I really enjoy this model and it is one of the ones I am glad there are multiples of.

There they are, don't worry there are plenty more where this came from. Feel free to leave some feedback!


  1. They look great, some of the colors look kinda gritty, did you aim for that?

  2. Yes, gritty is the aim. I imagine the Legion of the Damned as appearing in a burst of ash and flame when they appear on the field, stalking the battlefield in the afterbirth of brimstone and dragging the enemies of the Emperor back to hell with them.

  3. ... oh and Loren, send me your e-mail address via the DFG E-mail, I accidentally washed it.

  4. Looking great - the flames are awesome! Nice work!

  5. Thanks for the praise folks. There are plenty more coming.