Monday, June 28, 2010

WIP Plastic Lictors / Objective Markers!

Old School here. I just wanted to drop a couple photos of my plastic lictors that are still works in progress. I made them because I wanted to try them out one night, the FLGS had none and I don't see why I should whip them out when I just have bits laying around to make them WYSIWYG ... worst case scenario, they make great objective markers for a tyranic invasion.
The first lictor above is one I made that I wanted to do capturing the codex fluff in action. Picture the Guardsman backing toward the building looking around for any possible threat, not realizing that a super-predator was creeping up on him to eat his brain and absorb intel that will lead it to his squadmates!

This Lictor is actually the first one I made. In some of the really old art, I had seen lictors crouched on walls like insects stuck to a wall, so I wanted to make a slightly more beleivable version of that with an action pose that suggests he just swiped with one set of claws and talons and has already caught the head of the Blood Angel in the other hand ... Sanguinary Guard bits are fun!
Anyway, that was a fun little project. As a side note, they replaced Doom in my list and actually came in, popped one of Captain Obvious's Razorbacks, then fleeted into another vehicle the next turn before helping the Tervigon wip a squad off his objective. I like them, they may stay for a while.


  1. I love those... so Dynamic and I really would hate to see them across the battlefield from me...

    Also I think those heads are the hardest thing to find out of 40k!

  2. The way i use my lictors is to help to doom land right on target, and use them to tag team in a sense.
    I should prob put some pics of my lictors up, check out my page when you get a chance and feel free to comment.

  3. That 1st picture is the bee's knees, sir. Well done!