Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weathering Effects with Foam

Hey everyone, quick tip here for some easy to do vehicle weathering. The video for this isn't the best; i misplaced my tripod so it's a really close up video on a Flip which doesn't like close up. I have some still pictures to try to make up for it.

This technique can be used for other things than just adding silver to a vehicle to look chipped. For example on my librarian dread a long way back I used it to get a pretty sweet looking fade on the hammer. Also, Grey_Death uses it on his Sons of Medusa to get the battle damage effect using grey and some like spots of highlight.

I really like the method over drybrush because it doesn't leave streaks the way dry brushing can. Its more of a chip pattern. Also, I find it easier to control than when I try and drybrush something.

Here's a quick list of materials-
sliver paint (whatever tone you like)
Brown paint (dark tones work best but this is your mud/rust)
a piece of foam from your mini tray or from a blister

So here are some better finished product still shots. These are after I went all the way around and a little up the sides.

Before and after the added brown for a mud/rust effect. I didn't use any sort of wash for it but one could be added if the model were painted a different color than black.

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  1. Good job. It really is such a simple technique that adds a layer of realism to the model. Drybrushing is great for certain applications but I find it falls flat when it comes to true weathering.