Thursday, July 1, 2010

The next GW Alternative kit I plan to order: Maxmini Bionics

Old School here, with the free baneblade given away and behind us(thanks again everyone), it is time to get back into gear with regular posts. First, I want to highlight this great kit from MaxMini that I learned about while following Hogs of War (great find guys). Looking at this kit, i am once again dumbstruck that GW doesn't produce kits like these and sell them for criminal amounts of money (you know they could). These bits look like they would be great for Iron Hands, Iron Warriors, any other bionic Space Marines, converted Straken models, anything Mechanicus or Servitor related and to a lesser extent Cyborks. Cool kit - nuff said! I plan to order this kit and the kit below and plan to do a full product review on both.
Once again, these kits could go well for many of the things mentioned above. Have you already ordered these? Had any contact with MAxMini in the past and want to talk about it? Let's hear what you think.


  1. I've used MaxMini - I got 2 sets of their "large shoulder pads" - Heresy-style Terminator pads - and they are fabulous quality, the customer service was great, and the delivery time (considering that the pads were coming from Poland to the UK) was pretty quick.

    I will absolutely buy from them again. In fact, I may just have to put an order in for those bionics...

  2. I'd be very interested in the size of those components. wether they fit better with marine or would work for Guard.

  3. how would they work with 40k miniatures... especially the bike!
    im tempted, but i was under the impression that 40k miniatures were 25mm scale not 28mm, so im wondering how much of a difference it would make..

  4. Nice stuff, seems like a good place to get stuff. I've been seeing a lot of alternative websites for model parts and such popping up since GW's price hike this year... I feel its appropriate, as before I couldn't afford this hobby, and now I REALLY can't. Being able to find fairly inexpensive stuff to make my own models and such are quite nice, and most welcome.

    good find.

  5. I've received both Maxmini's Steam Knights heads and a Great Wolf model to count as a Thunderwolf for my Lord. The Steam Knights heads were fantastic quality and arrived within a few weeks.(ordered around Christmas)

    The Giant Wolf caused some problems. The first one never arrived so either the mail man stole it or its still sitting in a warehouse. After a couple months of waiting I contacted their customer service and he was a complete gentleman. He sent out another wolf right away and I had a nice surprise in the box with the wolf...a full second set of Steam Knights heads.

  6. I found the guy who made this at :