Sunday, June 27, 2010

Old School Salvages a Land Raider for the Warmaster! Photos and Video!

Old School here with a few photos of the Warmaster's Land Raider that I salvaged from a terrible Ebay Land Raider (sorry, I never took photos of that thing).
Basically it all started when I won a Land Raider for 15.99 on one of those "I'd never win it for that much anyway" Ebay bids. When I won it, I thought I had a deal as it didn't look that bad in the photos and I figured I'd just re-paint it.

When I got it, it had this shiny Varnish on it that had yellowed and was coming off like skin from the bottom of your foot. It was in bad shape. It was shelved and brought out as a stand in every once and a while. Then one day, I figured that I had to build my unbuilt Land Raider to give Abbadon a Vehicle - but then I thought about the Forge World World Eaters doors I had and took a look at the Ebay raider - I said "Well, I think I can fix it and not have to mess with my newer LR" (If this story is boring you, just go to the bottom of this post and watch the video!)

So I pulled out a knife and some sand paper and started to rub the nasty "skin Varnish" off of my Land Raider and then started glueing bits from a Pegasus Terrain set on it as extra armour(Hogs of War have talked about that set before and it has many uses, check out Pegasus for some futuristic terrain). I then added the quarters from a pewter Warhammer Fantasy set that the FLGS gave me, Spinkled on some skulls and spikes and Ta-Da, I was in business.

I also added the shields to represent the protection of the Dark Gods and Abbadon's Patronage to all four of them. Hopefully, they will watch my dice now!

As always feedback is always welcome. I know there is some stuff to touch up, but I really am pretty proud of this thing considering its humble beginnings. Let's hear what you think. Have a link to a salvage project of your own? Leave it in the comments for others to check out.


  1. Well done on those lights, eventually I'll be getting the other three sets of their weathering kit. I'm really happy with how they turn out.

  2. Great restoration / rescue job there mate. Abaddon would be proud. I like the added shields depicting loyalty to all four major pantheon members - nice touch.