Saturday, June 26, 2010

Quick Modelling Tip (video): Deburring Tool Makes Easy work of Mold Lines!

Old School here with a quick video displaying the benefits of using a Deburring Tool. CVinton actually spotted this tool being used on and sought it out as a way to cleanly remove mold lines from models without dulling hobby blades, risking cuts, harming the model with unneeded chops, runs and ruts.


Anyway, see it in action on this video and let me know what you think!


  1. I've used the one recommends and it is great. Like you said, it doesn't totally replace the hobby knife but there are lots of places where it does a better job than a hobby knife, and it does it more easily. Link to order the one I use:,7547.html

  2. I never even thought of using that. I have one in my tool box.

    Old School I have a proposition for you involving a possible Army Trade MY Chaos marines for the DE :-)

    lemme know

  3. Seer. E-mail me at the blog address.

  4. Honestly i must say that seems like the biggest waste of money.

    Its alot easier and simpler, not to mention cheaper, to just use a small file to smooth off the mould lines. And with a file, its not just limited to the 1 use.

    I know people would say that it leaves flattened off edges on your models, but thats purely because people dont know what they are doing with a file.

    Hell, if you really want to get picky about it, just go over the area with some 400 or 600 grit sand paper once you have filed it.

    Sorry, but im not convinced this is worth the effort of finding, not until ive seen it used on a highly detailed area and/or on a metal model.

  5. I've only found one mail-order place to get this so far (and it's in the UK). Any US distributors willing to sell a single tool to a private individual?

  6. mephis- it cost 3.60$. Its not a big loss to try out and like or dislike. A GW paint pot costs more that that tool did.

    Chaplain- I bought them at a place called Production Tool Supply. They sell everything from home use hardware to the milling machines that cost as much as a Benz. In michigan its hard to throw a rock without hitting a machine shop or factory so production tool places are plentiful. Good luck, hope the lead helps finding one locally.

  7. hmmm that a US or UK price?
    im from australia, so alot of what i find mentioned online, i go to the stores here and its waaaay diferent.
    add the fact im an apprentice for another 3weeks, anything more costly than a coke is expensive :S

  8. IMO, that tool should be useful. I don't know how is it possible that GW isn't buying tons of that stuff for 0,01USD/piece in China and then reselling them for 10 or 12 bucks xD

    Can you tell me where to buy it online? I'm from very far away (lol) and I don't think I'll find it here.

  9. It's USD Mephist. Now that I realize that you're working as an apprentice I totally understand what you mean! If you're doing it with what you already have and its working fine for you then yeah, no reason to go out and buy it. I totally get the hobby-on-a-budget! Good luck with your apprenticeship!

    Nesbet- There is a link to order further up on line in evcam's comment.,7547.html

  10. That's a link to a different tool (a straight edged scraper that doesn't look to be much different than an Exacto blade on it's side but I could be wrong).

    The only place I found to order the one shown was in the UK. I'm still looking though.

  11. It basically is an exacto blade except the major different is that its a hard steel that isn't going to dull like the exacto blade does. (along with the other things mentioned) You'll have to keep looking online though, but if you do find something be sure to share the love and post the link here!

  12. That's the plan. I've even posted this vid on Facebook hoping that one of my friends might have the hookup. I have lots of diverse and strange friends so the chances are calculable.