Thursday, June 10, 2010

Video Product Review: Dragon Forge Design Power Cables

Old School here with a quick video product review of Dragon Forge Designs' Power Cables. I know most of you have already yawned yourself to sleep at that thought, but those of you that are hard corps converters know there is one thing that sucks when trying to make your own cables and cords - Guitar String (hold on, I just threw up in my mouth thinking about it). We all know Guitar Wire is generall rigid, hell on our clippers, comes unspooled and tends to stab you right under your fingernail (ouch) when you are trying to bend it. It became such a pain to me that I just gave up on it all together ... but then I saw how Dave Taylor had used some of it on one of his conversions and mentioned that it was very bendy.
I finally decided to give it a whirl. I went to Dragon Forge, ordered it through PayPal on Sunday and it arrived at my house Wednesday morning - Super-fast shipping is always handy, especially when you do a lot of conversions for commissions. The cables arrived in a sturdy little box with padding inside. The cables come in three sizes, one which would be very good for cables on weapons and small cables on hemets and backpacks. Another size that would work well for Space Marine gas-mask helms or larger weapons and pretty much most 25-40 mm conversion work and then one Larger size that would work well for vehicles, heavy weapons and for monstrous creature size conversions. The best part about these cables is that they can bed easily and can be bent back into place easily as well - cable-conversions are back on line for this guy!
Each of the 30 strands you recieve comes a few inches long, which is more than wht you would generally need for most conversions. I think the average hobbyist could buy one pack and be good for a long time and a heavy converter/ commission converter should get a lot of milage out of a bag of these. All for only $7.00! I might just have to make a 4 star rating system for reviews just to give Dragon Forge and this product all four!
Here is the video for my review:

If you have any feedback or if you have had experiences with Dragon Forge Designs both good and bad that you would like to share - we are all ears ... and eyes, since we technically can't hear you!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the review..Ive actually made new longer sizes now of all the cables and offer them in different package sizes now.. I hope to also add more diameters here soon too.

    Dragon Forge Design