Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Tables and a quickie Batrep for Combat Patrol

Old School here to show off the new tables CVinton made for Evolution Games, our FLGS and to give a quick batrep for the first game ever played on them.
First off and foremost, the store recently expanded its size by about 200 percent (it is now offically a HUGE game store and probably the biggest in Michigan!) and with the planned expansion of tables built by CVinton, we will have enough tables to host 24+ teams at End of Days before resorting to taking table space away from the D&D or Magic kids - so if you are in the area, come out, we'll have fun and the prizes will only get better the more folks show up!

One thing I really like about CVinton's Tables is that there is space to the side for all the folks holding stuff in reserve (looking at you Daemons!) and there is a ton of space underneath the table for terrain and most importantly - your bags and cases - Nobdy should ever step on your Great Unclean One ever again (sounds kind of dirty LOL).
Now with the glory of CVinton's tables out of the way, I would like to talk about the very first game ever played on one of these tables - a 400 point combat patrol mission, which saw my CSM "Bad News Plague-Bears" pitted against Shane's Ork "Sisterhood of the Purple Pants"
I took 2 6-man squads of plaguers with flamer and melta and powerfist in rhinos while Shane took a large squad of boyz and a trukk full of Nobz with Uge Choppaz.

The first turn was uneventful as the orks advanced, turn 2 I drove up 12 inches to at least get a chance of dodging most of the attacks from the nobz by making them hit on a 6. I forgot Orks had their Waargh though and got charged by his entire list - putting the power of "6 to hit" to the test

He wrecked one rhino with his boys, but the Nobz couldn't bust my other rhino, leading me to tank shock my way through his boyz and getting max flamer action from both squads.
I then had the wrecked rhino's squad get charged by the boys (I was hoping they would run, but they didn't) and my good rhino got assaulted and popped by the Nobz, who then got charged by the Plague Marines inside and killed by Powerfisting goodness!
As the squad from the wrecked rhino got eaten by the last of Shane's boyz, the other plaguers tried to pop the trukk before it could get away (at this point he had 3 KP to my one and if the trukk ran away, I would never wipe him.)
In the end the trukk ran away without a scratch, but Shane's Orks had taken a whoopin' to get the Win! So let it be known that the first ever victory on the new tables at the expanded Evolution Games was won by the Orks in the Purple Pants - Somewhere a Warboss is renaming himself as a symbol!

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  1. I like the new tables. It was nice poppin the cherry with that team game wednesday.

    I am looking forward to Evolution being able to host tournaments. Like Big tournaments