Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Road to Adepticon 2011 Begins! Will We See You There?

Ladies and Gentlenerds, we now stand at the end of the road that leads to Adepticon 2011 . Which army will you bring? What events do you look forward to? What events will you participate in? Make any friends last year you hope to see this year? We did and we are hoping to see some of you there at the Lombard Westin again in 2011! I can't speak for the rest of the DFG 1%'ers or for the Evo Team, but I do know that I am planning to enter the Combat Patrol Tourney as well as the 1850 tourney ... and maybe the painting comp if I ever get the free time to paint something for me!


Click the link in the first sentence for more info and leave us some feedback about what your Adepticon plans may be ... we are only 295 days away from it afterall!


  1. Oh yes I will be there

    In fact I really want to do the team tournament as well and the grand tournament

    So if anybody wants to add Eldar to their team :-)

  2. Watch the new necron codex be insane, and that is what I will play.

  3. Actually I think we will see a surge in Dark Eldar this next year and possibly Grey Knights

    Necrons worry me not.

  4. Oh I'll be ere! The Centurions will be making a come back and maybe, JUST maybe, I'll be bringing my new Mechanicus Knights force if I can get them ready in time!


  5. Mechanicus Knights? Will we get a peek at these? I have had a Bromance for your Centurians since we left Adepticon!

  6. Oh yes, I'll be posting progress as i go. I'll give you guys a shout as they come along. I'll have a total of 7 Knights in the army. 3 counts as hydras, 3 leman Russ (punished, executioner and battle tank), and one manticore :)

    I'll also be tossing up a bunch of conversion tutorials and articles over the next few weeks too!