Friday, June 11, 2010

'Ard Boyz semi finals tomorrow!

So with the semi finals tomorrow, Luke "The Judge" Slocum and I are headed down to Ann Arbor to take on the other folks who qualified. What shall be the final verdict? Who shall hold sway and come out on top? Will either of us come out and qualify for the finals?

Well, for me at least I am mostly looking to have a good time, and if I do place in the top 3, I will be overly happy, I am just hoping to put on a good show.

Also after much consideration, I have decided I am going to stick to my guns and keep with the original list I took to the first round, because even though it is not the utmost powerful thing. I did not have the models nor the want to figure out how to field a Inquisitor, nor did i want to feel that dirty.

Anyhow, battle reports from my own games will come out afterwords and results for both our games as well. Wish us luck!


  1. Good Luck to you and the Judge! I will be on the look out for batreps! PS good Luck for Britt Slocum too!

  2. Have fun. Just try to win those first turn rolls since there is no stealing the initative.

    Alpha Strike plus Master of the Fleet or Corbulo and Scouting Fast Baal Predators FTW

  3. Good Luck boys.

    The list is sound Steve I am glad you decided to stick with it.