Sunday, June 13, 2010

Airbrushed Powersword will blow YOUR mind!

Old School here and just in case you haven't seen this yet or in case you have never been to, then please take a look at this tutorial Les has put together for a 13th Company Space Wolf. The powersword he created strictly using an airbrush has blown my mind and maybe it will blow yours too ... or maybe you will just find something to inspire you in one of his other videos! I know that my Ebay money this week's auction will be going toward an airbrush! Check it out and let Les know what you think. Here is a peek at the video:


  1. Awesome find mate, very temoted to give air rbushing a try with my Wolves. Thanks

  2. Aaaaaaand now I want an airbrush... Great post!

  3. The last few weeks ive been doing similar things myself with my airbrush, same set up hes using i think.
    Spraying all my bloodpact troops using the airbrush, and a small touch up spray gun (proper 1, not the gw crap) to spray my vehicles prior to effects being applied.
    It really is as easy as he makes it out to be, the key is masking it right. Though even after 4yrs of being a automotive spray painter apprentice i still got bleed through with the masking on my baneblade :S