Monday, June 21, 2010

Combat Patrol Tournament Sat. June 26th

Hey everyone,

As a quick note, our FLGS, Evolution Games, is having a fun and friendly Combat Patrol Tournament this Saturday, June 26th! Please arrive by noon in order to register so that the organizer will know how many people are going to be participating. I am not sure what the entry fee will be but most likely it is going to be 5 or 10 bucks.

With this opportunity you might get to meet quite a few of the DFG posters including myself!

Last time we had one of these at the FLGS an extra final round had to be played between Papa Nurgle's Chaos Daemons and Lord Solar's Imperial Guard with the Daemons scraping by for a victory.

Who will be the champion this time? Blood Angels? Space Wolves? Imperial Guard? Chaos Marines? Or will all fall to the mighty Daemons once again?

Hope to see you there!

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it as always...



  1. The forces of true darkness laugh from the recesses of OST's Kitchen/Living room ... While the wife is away, the Husband Shall Play! Perhaps I will bring something from one of the armies of Darkness!

  2. I almost forgot this was happening thins week.

    I need to get a list ready. Craftworld Ulthwe is comming in after delivering a serious whooping to the Cadians this past weekend in the GW store Tourney.

    Details at Craftworld Lansing :-)

  3. Sadly I won't be making it. The daughter's baptism is this weekend so there's no chance I can escape for a game let alone a tournament. Good luck to all the imperium players, mankind is depending on you!

  4. What army rules are you guys using? Coming out of our semi-recent CP tournament, the one that logo's from, we had a big push to at least loosen the wounds limit up to 3. Holding it at 2 is pretty limiting to Tyranid in particular under the new codex. It doesn't necessarily make them super broken, it just cuts their options way down.

    I have some discussion of those issues here, with links to some related posts from myself and others:

    In any case, hope you have fun! I'll be curious to hear how it turns out.

  5. Well Joe, we have decided to stick with the 2 wound max, along with all the other rules associated with Adepticon (as far as I know... contact Evolution Games for more info)

    I think the main reason for limiting it to 2 wounds is not to screw Nids, its to limit the cheese from others at that point cost. You can still take quite a bit from the codex and trust me with the fact you dont want to see Space Marine chapter masters or captains that have three wounds... orbital bombardment would ruin everyone's day.