Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

To all the dad's out there happy fathers day!

This father's day is my first as a father and so as a reflection to the importance of my father, for the blog, I wanted to recognize his role in my 40k life.

My parents are divorced and so when I would spend my weekend with my dad I used to ride my bike up to the Rider's Hobby Shop that was near his house. It was there that I was first introduced into 40k with the second edition Orks vs Spacemarine box set demo game they had set up on a little 3x3 table. After that I was hooked but it was pretty hard to get a hold of whole army at the age of 14 (at that time I was getting 10$ ever two weeks for allowance and had no skills at save money; still don't). So it was for Christmas that my dad bought me my first complete over 1500 point Dark Eldar army.

I'm so glad that he supported me in my endeavor and didn't just say that I was crazy for wanting these over priced pieces of metal.

Beyond buying me my first army, he would take me to the local club in Jackson MI to play. The club was terrible too, it was a rented out basement in an old JC Pennies building that wasn't even a store, it was just a place with tables that charged 5$ at the door to get in 2 nights a week (which he paid). Outside of that he helped me to build my own table, terrain and taught me to use his airbrush.

My dad was never into 40k either, and I'm sure he didn't understand my nerdery but was just there to support me unconditionally in something he knew I'd love; Warhammer 40k.

So thanks dad and to all the other dads out there that helped any of our bloggers get into 40k or supported them in their hobby!


  1. man, even I love your dad ;o)
    Congratz on your first fathersday btw.
    I found it a nice experience, hope you did to.

  2. Congrats.

    Have you already gotten your wee one hooked on 40k? Perhaps an Ultramarine onesy?

  3. She's a girl so we'll be shooting for sister's of battle or tau. According to my wife though there is no f'ing way my daughter will be playing 40k.

    I did have a good father days and I hope everyone else out there did too!