Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DFG Video Battle Report 1; Tyranids v Imperial Guard

First ever video battle from DFG features Oldschool's Nids vs Cvinton's Imperial guard!

We at DFG promise improvement in future video's but we're just really really excited to start having these regularly on the site! Hope you enjoy!!


  1. Great report!
    Could you please post both lists in detail!!!
    luv the nids!
    plus great paint scheme on the guard!!!

  2. Old School... tsk tsk... using the doom effects models in vehicles... ~shakes head~

  3. Hey, we decided together to play it that way ... I know ... I will where the red shirt of shame.

  4. great battle report and i recognize that table.....ahhhh much bloodshed many years ago. Im still skulking around and starting up the gaming again in the Glen Burnie MD area of all places. Right now im hunting down all of my stuff from around the north east coast area. Garages, Basements, Storage. Space Marines here chaos there 25000 points of guard randomly at my bros parents house. well anyhow enough ranting Awsome paint job on the nids old school i see you have come a long way from rumours of markers hehe jking and you will be the only one that knows who this is anyway so see ya around.

  5. Wolfson, email me your phone number brother and stop posting as anon ... after all you are the second author we ever had!