Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ard' Boyz Results - Batreps coming!

Samsquanch monster here,

here is the results of the ard' boyz tourny in Garden City that me and some other guys from evolution went to.

-Lord Solar Steve 2nd place
Army: Imperial Guard

-Luke Slocum (A.K.A. "The Judge") 3rd
Army: Orks

-Samsquanch Monster 10th
Army: Space Wolves

-Josh Linde 11th
Army: Eldar

As it stands we had a great time and we met some really great players, the venue was lacking but i can live with that. Now I can't say how it went for the other guys but im sure at least Lord Solar will be posting his battle report soon. My battle report will be posted tomorrow as to not totally bump CVINTON of the blog before anybody has a chance to read his report. also i bought myself a little something to cover up my failure to Russ and the All Father and ill be reporting on that in the next coupledyas as well.


  1. yeah that 11th place finish really hurt

    I have a couple pictures up on my blog

  2. Whoo-Hoo! Keep the articles coming guys. Let's hear some battle reports!