Monday, May 17, 2010

'Ard Boyz prelim round Bat rep and list for my 2nd place finish!

Well as some of you might have read, my Death Korps of Krieg and Cadian armies merged together to do battle with the demons, heritics and xenos that had infested Garden City, Michigan and happily crushed (mostly) their opponents in the battlefield. Yet how could this be? How did the stand up to such mighty foes? Well let me tell you!

First lets get down to the list, this will help you understand how I did what I did! (on a side note, i decided to play in and make my list for the night before as Evo, DFG's FLGS, and even had to fix up some broken models to do so!) So here is the list.

Comp. Comm. Squad - 290

Troop 1
Vet Squad - 200
3x Plas Gun

Troop 2
Vet Squad - 155
2x Sniper Rifle

Troop 3
Infantry Platoon - 490
Platoon Command Squad
(no upgrades)
Infantry Squad
Grenade Launcher
Heavy Bolter
Infantry Squad
Grenade Launcher
Heavy Bolter
Heavy Weapons Team
3x Mortars
Heavy Weapons Team
3x Heavy Bolters
Heavy Weapons Team
3x Missile Launchers
Heavy Weapons Team
3x Lascannons

Elite 1
Storm Trooper Squad - 185
5x additional Storm Troopers
2x Meltaguns

Elite 2
Storm Trooper Squad - 185
5x additional Storm Troopers
2x Meltaguns

Elite 3
Ratling Squad - 80
5x additional Ratlings

Fast 1
Hellhound Squadron - 130
1x Hellhound

Fast 2
Scout Sentinal Squadron - 80
1x additional Sentinal
2x Autocannon

Fast 3
Scout Sentinal Squadron - 105
2x additional Sentinals

Heavy 1
Leman Russ Squadron - 170
1x Leman Russ Battle Tank
1x Heavy Bolter side sponsons

Heavy 2
Leman Russ Squadron - 170
1x Leman Russ Battle Tank
1x Heavy Bolter side sponsons

Heavy 3
Leman Russ Squadron - 260
1x Leman Russ Vanquisher
1x Knight Commander Pask
1x Plasma Cannon side sponsons
1x Hull mounted Lascannon

Whew! That was a lot of stuff.... but now to the battle reports!

Round 1
I was faced off with Demons... and immediately had a fight on my hands.... A fight with the dice gods... The list ran by my opponent was solid, but not overly imposing for my own, I had plenty of plasma, melta, lascannon, and large blast to deal with his large squads of Demonettes and Bloodletters, his squad of bloodcrushers and his soulgrinders.... however.... when said plasma and meltas only want to roll twos for the first two rounds to hit and wound.... not much a man can do. So I had to rough it out with my heavy bolters and blast templates for awhile but eventually i was able to narrow down his forces, not after some horrible losses along the way though. In the end he held two objectives and I only one, a minor loss, but i made up points in the secondary objectives by killing Kugath, amongst other things. A good game and both opponents were sure they had not seen rolling quite like that before (on either side)

Round 2
After returning from lunch and buying some new dice I found myself across from SeerKarandras who posts at Craftworld Lansing and his Eldar, check out his site as he has opinions on this fight as well and posts some interesting insights. At the start of the game things went badly, I lost a Leman Russ BT, my hellhound lost its flame template, and my heavy bolter team lost one of its 3... it was a scary thing to witness! However I had held my squads of Storm Troopers in reserve to Deep Strike so they were safe from the punishment. Immediately i knew I had to kill off some of his lances and went to work on his Guardian squad and one of his wraithlords, killing off the WL and brutally murdering some of his guardians (along with a few Dire Avengers) but not really taking out anything to devistating yet. Turn two he finished rocketing up the board and unloading some stuff, along with a squad of his striking scorpians sliding onto the board and assulting my lascannon vets' chimera! However he only managed to stun it, while his wraithguard did the same to my plas vets' chimera, an unfortunate turn of events for him. My ratlings also took a beating from Eldrad and his squad of thugs, but managed to live on and stick in their foresty holes for now. My turn came and in came both my ST squads, first one rocketed down near his striking scorps and blasted them away along with my combined infantry down to a single model, while the others blew apart Eldrad's squad along with the remaining heavy bolter teams, causing him to run away! By this point the game was mostly over, though SeerKarandras had a few more tricks up his sleeves by taking out my lascannons and missle launchers, but it was to little to late. A major victory for me and lots and lots of victory points as well. It seemed the new dice were fond of me...

Round Three
I was faced off with some obviously heretical space marines, as they were fighting me....duh! Who decided that staying off the board round one was wise due to the amount of firepower i could put out, minus two scout squads and a scout bike squad. However one squad was half reduced to ashes by the hellhound and the other went to ground to prevent a slaughter from the amount of firepower placed on them (and who doesn't want their scouts to have a 2+ save sometimes!) While the scout bikes were torn apart by Creed telling his men to first rank fire, second rank fire and a torrid amount of multilaser fire from scout sentinals. The game seemed to continue on a slow downhill for my opponent, his drop pod squad now taking out the hell hound with its melta, nor in its assault turn two with my stormtroopers who killed off half the squad before they assaulted, nor did his squads have timely enterence into the game, his landspeeder storms filled with scouts came in before his termies and landraider, his vanquisher managed to make my Ratlings run but they kept being regrouped by Creed, and I was just able to concentrate fire far to much for him to handle, ravaging down his army until just a few souls remained, beating him by 5 kill points and over taking him in Victory Points as well. He was a good and fun player to play against though, and hopefully will see him again in some tournament.

So in all I took second place, and qualified for regionals! I cannot wait to go to them along with Luke "The Judge" Slocum and his green tide.

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it as always...


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  1. I have to say it was sink or swim advancing on the gun line.

    I have to give it to Lord Solar Steve for an excellent troop deployment. I think thinks would have gone a bit differently if my scorpions could have gotten into the back field of his army they could have wrecked some havoc. Alas .... guess next time i need to bring more bright lances and fire prisms