Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Infantry Platoon: Where size -does- matter. Part 1.

Well it is finally time to perhaps tackle the largest section of the Imperial Guard army, and to do so will take time, however, I am a kind Lord and will break it down into a few different sections to help keep this short and sweet.

Today's lesson will focus on the different methods of running the infantry platoon and on the Platoon Command Squad.

First there are a few different strategies, overall you can decide upon a few different things with your IG platoon force. The first being that you want to use it as a base for getting a hold on bunches of heavy weapons while keeping a few extra bodies in the way of them getting killed. The second being a mass amount of bodies designed to tear down opponents infantry with volumes of lasgun fire, or large amount of bodies in assault with hidden power weapons. Thirdly a rapid strike force of metlas in small squads or piles of demo charges with bodies to hold objectives. Fourthly, a method of grabbing a hold of lots of cheap armor in the form of Chimera's as each Infantry Squad can have one along with the PCS. Yet no matter the method you go for with this troop selection, all can be equally effective.

Now let us take a closer look at the Platoon Command Squad.

At its low point cost the 5 man squad can be highly effective, though its low model number can often leave it as a easy target, after all no opponent wants to just let you give -another- order. My advice? Don't make them a large threat. Give them a mortar or heavy bolter heavy weapons team (I prefer the former, as pinning can always be nice) and not much else, perhaps a chimera. Yet the squad has so many options available to it that it can be tempting to provide it with 4 flamers or sniper rifles or some such thing but there are after all dangers with this, as described before.

There are some things that just aren't worth it. Such as the Medpak, krak grenades, and (looks over his shoulder to make sure one isn't around) Commissar... i mean who wants to have their Platoon Commander shot in the head and no longer able to give orders? I mean, Imagine if you were running Al'rahem or Chenkov and all those points got jacked by a single failed leadership test? Ouch...

As for those two fellows... well each gives their own unique benefit to your army, after all... squads of outflanking metla/demo wielding special weapons teams and chimera after chimera backing them up?... mmmmm... brings smiles to my face... or endless bodies to throw at the Nids or demons? Lovely....

Look at your platoon command squad as a small bonus order (if you don't have Al'rahem or Chenkov) and nothing really more that is able to hold objectives and try and make them hardly noticeable to try to keep them alive, soon your opponent will realize their error of course, but by then 145 lasgun shots have been plastered into them and their 10 man Tac squad now only has 2 guys left in it... mmmmmm Victory tastes so sweet...

Until next time, burn some heretics, kill some mutants, and do it as always...


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