Thursday, February 11, 2010

A victim of "Snowmaggedon"

Well, I am finally able to get back on the internet after a week of terrible luck and weather. Starting Monday, I arrived in VA only to discover that my car's tags were a little out of date (whoops). This led the military police to decide to ground my car for the duration of my time in VA. Furthermore, the area received record snowfalls which ruined my WiFi connectivity for a week.
The good news is that I took the last week to paint my Tyranids, specifically, the ones we all hate to paint ... the chittering masses. All in all I painted two big squads of genestealers, a ton of termigaunts, about 15 spore mines and a handful of ripper swarm bases ... and when I got my WiFi up today, I realized that I had the camera, but not the card reader! AAARRGH! Anyway, while I may not have accomplished any of the epic gaming that I planned to do, I don't consider the trip a total waste, I got to paint all those models that I normally would hate to do and would take forever if I painted them at home. I'll get some photos up when I get back to Michigan. Until then, have fun and happy hunting!

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