Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dark Eldar painting under way

Well i have completely figured out my Tournament 1850 list. Here is some pictures of it. I am slowly completeing the painting, so far the only thing done is the majority of the raiders. I seriously feel like im painting a horde army.


  1. Interesting, but the pictures are not enlarging?

  2. yea not sure whats going on with that. Ill post them on photobucket or somthing so you can see them larger.

    On a side not i will be posting a how to on painting with white. For some odd reason i have a very good method of painting with lighter colors and making them really come out and not look clumpy. Ill show you how to make your whites look like egg shell white.

  3. Hey Obvious, I tried to edit the photos from here, but withou the raw images, I can't get anythin useful. I guess it just gives you a reason o post more DE madness!

  4. Always seems like I outnumber most players with my Dark Eldar. The units that work really are a bargain for the points cost.

    The only real points sinks are Incubi, and the Raiders a bit. Makes it a pain to paint, that and all the fragile spikey bits.