Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chaos Space Marines Units and Tactics: Typhus

The next article in the Chaos Spcae Marines Units and Tactics series is Typhus the Herald of Nurgle. Let's talk about the big bloated bully, shall we.
The Herald of Nurgle and a great ... Psycker: The first thing that stod out for me when I first looked at typhus when the new codex came out was that when he uses his powers, they automatically go off and having automatic Wind of Chaos and Rot is always a good thing. I also means that Runes of Warding mean nothing to the Host of the Destoyer Hive. As if this wasn't enough, he carries a daemon weapon that boasts the insta-killing power of a force weapon.
This all means that Typhus is a great HQ killer and a MC hunter, right? Well ... While T(5) and FnP is great for fighting the bog standard troops and non-powered elite infantry, he really suffers from the same vulnerability as the other Chaos Lords, which is the lack of Eternal Warrior and the ( ) around his T, making him easy bait for errant powerfists and tough MCs ... or for that matter battle cannon blasts on his squad.
Using Typhus: Typhus is a good character for your troop killing squads and for killing tyranid MCs or for that matter any MC really that doesn't have S8. In a Land Raider with a bunch Plague Marines, you have a squad that can spearhead a themed Nurgle army. He can also be deepstruck in, though I don't know how effective it would be due to his short range powers and the fact that the squad will be shot to pieces the turn it comes in. 225 is a little too much for a distraction unit. For me, stick to the LR or use him to guard the home objective with a squad.
Final thoughts: I really like Typhus because I really like Nurgle, but 225 is a little prohibitive for competitive games and I can get a DP and then some for those points. I use Typhus in friendly games where I feel like fielding a fully Death Guard themed army and that is really all the action he gets from me (though, he is a beast in those themed games!) Any feedback or ideas are welcome as always!


  1. My beef with Typhus is the cost.

    In all fairness, he is quite a wrecking ball. He istotally capable of wandering into lesser squads and meandering through them in a spray of blood and gore.

    On the other hand, he still gets hurt bad or hurt dead by dedicated melee troops that can swing a powerfist at him. Honestly, losing 225 is a hell of a blow like that, though in fairness he has a decent enough shot at killing off larger monsters before they can squish him.

    The two real problems I have with him past that?
    1) Daemon weapon.
    Roll a 1, you'll see what I mean. Doesn't happen too often, but a real downer when ti does.

    2) Delivery.
    Deep strike him, or buy a Land Raider.

    Honestly, for about 50 more points, you gotta start comparing him to Abbadon, and I think Abbadon is a fair deal nastier. Lose FNP, get a 4+ invulnerable, and get a heap of S8 wound-re-rolling swings.

    I'm with you on the themed thing, though.

  2. To me, Typhus is good. If he is used right.

    Chuck him in the Land Raider with melta plague marines and buy lots of Obliterators.

    So you can use them to deep strike in and start clearing up the enemy. Whatever that lives, just assault with Typhus and gang.