Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fun with magnets: The Rhinoback-Predwindicator by Farseer Re-rolls

Old School here tonight to show off some pics of FarSeer Re-roll's rhino custimization that I have dubbed the "rhinoback-predwindicator." Basically he magnetizes the most basic parts of the rhino frame to work in conjuction with the parts from any rhino-based tank in the SM codexes. .

Here is the vindis extra armour with magnets

Here is the first rhino frame now made into a vindi.

Back to a rhino and a good little peek at the magnet that makes it all possible.

Same vehicle, now a rhino.

Same vehicle, now a razor back with a smart looking Forge World turret.

He has also magnetized his termies' bases so they can be transported easier.

That is it for now, as FarSeer Re-rolls updates his army "The Storm Heralds" him or myself will post some pics and I am sure the good FarSeer will provide some step-by-step tutorials on how he magnetizes his gear. Keep your eyes on the comments for this post as I am sure he will have some great things to add that my tired mind cannot come up with at this hour (I must be getting old). Also, feedback is encouraged, let us know what you think!

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