Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Blog of Note: Tracking the Wily Lust Grinder!

When I first started tracking the elusive Lust Grinder, it appeared on Ricalope's Blog, but it seems to have moved to Sammy's My Slaaneshi Chaos Army Blog! Sammy has decided (much to my delight) paint it with a full tutorial listing his colors and techniques! It is coming along very nicely and if Slaanesh turns you on (maybe a wrong choice of words ... maybe not), then check it out over at If you have the time, browse through Sammy's other work, there is some conversion genius there that would make the Doomrider blush!


  1. Sammy is a girl, and Ricalope's girlfriend. He built it for her.

  2. Sammy is my partner in crime, a girl, and also my room-mate. She had commissioned me to build a soulgrinder based upon the sketch that was just an idea in my sketchbook. If you have seen her models, you will know why I did not paint it for her too, I think she is doing a great job...although I might be biased...

  3. Awww gee guys I'm blushing over here. Thanks for all the great support. I'm getting picky over the final touches on her but i will go post where im at now and maybe some advice will be helpful in my deciding whats missing.