Thursday, November 9, 2017

Alpha Legion Khorne Berzerker Conversions from Primaris Reivers and FW bits

I've made some Khorne Berzerkers for my Alpha Legion. I really liked what I did with my Agressor Conversions so I decided to use Primaris Marine Reivers as a base for my berzerkers. I wanted to add some seriously Khornate stuff, but leave them a little toned down and give them the "behind enemy lines feel," so I left chainswords off the menu and went with only blades (another reason to use the Reivers). I also used the Forge World berzerkers helmets and shaved off the huge crests (bunny ears to the initiated, lol). Let's take a look though ...

Here are a few I started to paint just to give you the idea of what they can look like in the Alpha Legion colors. I like the idea of Alpha Legion infiltrating the labs, grabbing some gene seeds and later discovering they were World Eaters, then retrofitting the nails (but not as well as the World Eaters) and setting them loose on the battlefield behind enemy lines. "Blades are quiet. Blades are true!"

I've made 20 of these guys to unleash on the battlefield. I look forward to painting them and coming back with some battle reports on Twitter. Let me know what you think of them so far.


  1. I like what you have done with your Berzerkers, I’m currently converting up some new ones for my own army out of the Wrathmonger, Bloodwarrior and FW kits (with some Evil Craft Axes), to make something truly imposing on the battlefield, they are actually larger then Primaris Marines, which I find fitting.