Sunday, October 29, 2017

Maggoth Foetid Bloat Drone Conversion! Helloween 2017

TJ here with my late entries to the DFG tradition of Helloween! I always create or paint horrific models around this time of year and share them here in celebration of Halloween! Today we will look at one of the few Foetid Bloat Drones I converted with the Maggoth kit! Let's check this gasbag out!

The first thing I did was check to see if the conversion was feasable. The head was almost too big, but it works. I want it to look like a giant daemon larva was strapped into this engine to go wreck everything it could fly close enough to ... which is what the model does on the table.

Next came the skin. I wanted the skin to have some texture, so I used the tools to shape the green stuff and a thin sheet of card turned on its edge to add the lines.

The end result is this bad boy right here.

Expect more drones soon as I plan to run five of them in escort of some daemon princes! Nurgle Air Force FTW!!!!

In case you have never seen it, check out my custom Heldrake I call my Hellworm, which I sculpted in 2012. Maybe that's what these little drones grow up to be some day!

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