Friday, June 3, 2016

Soul Grinders, Land Raiders and Daemon Princes for Sale

TJ here again with some more shameless fundraising! This time I have two Sould Grinders, A potential Daemon Prince conversion and two land raiders up for grabs.

So take a look at the pics. There are some parts missing, but you have legs, chassis and bodies to work with, so make yourself some grinders. My lots are here

Here is a lot that can make you a sick ass Daemon Prince. There are two sets of legs from the maulerfiend kits, some random heads, bits and bobs and there are a ton of arm options!

Then there is this torso conversion I made with parts from a dreadknight, some necron vehicles and a blood throne. Just finish it with some of the other stuff in the lot ... or don't. Either way this is a good lot for bits.

Here is a shot from the back at the jet pack situation I had going and the cabling for the arm cannon.  Here is a link to y lots

Here are the two land raiders. They need love and the Ebay post tells you a lot more.

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