Monday, May 30, 2016

10 years of Chaos bits can be yours: Metal, forge World classics and more!

TJ here to talk about an absolutely massive collection of Chaos bits. This could be yours this coming Sunday. That is right; in order to raise funds for my other hobbies ( which will include more Infinity and Wahammer Quest come September), I am letting go of 10 years worth of accumulated bits, harvested from nearly every plastic and metal Chaos Marine and Fantasy box that has come out in the last 10 years. I have travelled the country amassing these bits and all spread out, they take up a full half of my DINNER table. There are tons of unique and no-longer-available items in here that you need to see, so let's take a look:

In this photo, you can see metal Kharn (with a little tweak, so he fits on a plastic juggernaut, which is also included), metal typhus and his metal scythe, the DV Dark Apostly type guy, a bunch of metal terminator combi meltas, three fat ogre conversions, ready to be finished, two metal Iron Warrior Warsmiths, some metal chaos missile launchers (I think there are 6-7 in the lot), keep looking at this pic, every glance reveals something new!

Here we can see defiler bits, some resin Kromlech mechanical themed parts, possessed bits and more metal!

I also threw in some frames from the Warpclaw box, which is complete, all the other bits are in the bits lot. Also there are some frames from the Blight Kings box, which have just enough great bits left to make some sick Nurgle conversions for your army.

Here is another look at the Warsmiths, but also at a Forge World Huron model on its base. Also note the Sonic Champion back pack and the various Fabius bile bits and metal mechanicus parts.

Here are some extra vehicle bits and a forge fiend weapon that I mounted onto a conversion to make the Imperial Armor guns that Chaos got in that book, also there are some Nid bits and plenty of legs, termi parts, a HUGE pile of skulls and more.

More great metal parts here, including various chaos shoulder pads, backpacks and even some conversions. Note the converted chaos sorcerer robe, the huge brass scorpion converted "tail" made from defiler parts.

More defiler parts, more mechanicus, more khorne blood throne bits, more chaos knight stuff. You are starting to get the idea here.

This peek reveals some forge world, World Eater head (there are also a tone of World Eater axes in the lot).

Just look at the pics because there are a ton of bits here and it is time somebody got a hold of them and put them to good use.

With all that said, this army-building bits lot will serve you for years and can be found next to all my other stuff on Ebay.

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