Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Biggest Pile of Daemon Conversion Bits Ever!

As I seek direction moving forward, I am seeking to simplify my goals and use my existing hobby stockpile to finance my upcoming miniature projects. With that comes the sale of some of my hoard!

I am selling my Daemon bits horde to the highest bidder and it includes much more than daemons. It includes zombie dragon wings, daemon prince wings, blight drone wings, blight dron bodies and legs, enough bits to make 10+ bloodletters, about 10 daemonettes, enough monstrous sized bits to make a daemon prince or two or more, a whole bloodlcrusher, there are also three full flamers, 9 painted screamers, a herald that i made riding a ball of fire! There are tons of icons and bits and loose ends thatbcome from collecting daemon bits for the last 8 years, so please take a look at the auction and make a detatchment, an Age of Sigmar army or just invest in having an amazing bits box without buying the kind of  kits i had to to make it!

Here is the link!

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