Thursday, May 14, 2015

Yellow, Rusty Necrons: Make them yours! UPDATED!

TJ here to see if anybody out there wants a great Necron army before I explore options like EBay to sell it. These yellow, rusty crons have been a good army for me and contributed to a massive tournament run for me in 6th. They have also contributed to a couple Best Painted awards whether for the models being in a Best Painted Army for a tourney or for individual models (the Destroyer Lord has won two for Best Painted at local events). Let's take a look at what I am offering.

So first off and foremost, I want to let it be known that while most of these models have a finished paint job, but some are not finished, so please look at the photos. (I will also discuss this at the bottom of the post for potential buyers).

This army includes two command barges, three annihilation barges, a monolith, 5 tomb spiders, three night scythes, three wraiths (Ihave two more that are not finished with broken arms not included in the lot right now), a Destroyer Lord, 28 scarab bases (20 fully painted), 20 Tesla Immortals, 10 Guass Immortals, 24 Necron Warriors, 8 Crypteks, Nemesor Zahn and five Deathmarks.

This army was painted with three shades of yellow, a sponge rust pattern that was additionally filled with a metallic to make it look like the paint has chipped. Greys and whites were also used as well as blues for the weapons.

I am willing to take serious offers at lukas(dot)atwell(at)gmail(dot)com. Please feel free to add stipulations if you require them (paint X or Y model and Iwill offer XXX dollars ect.) I will of course either accept or make counter offers. If nobody has made an offer I am willing to accept by Sunday, I will post the army in separate lots on Ebay, so time is limited.

If you want more info on these models, please check out my Necron label for the blog and scroll down to find some articles covering how they were made and painted. 

Please take a look around if you are interested and feel free to ask for additional photos. I have plenty to share and can obviously take more.

At the end of the day, I would rather see these go out to an active player than sit on my shelf while I prioritize my Chaos army OR be sold separately and repainted by resellers on EBay.

In any event, they have to go. They have been a lot of fun for me and hopefully will be as much fun or more for the next player!

There are plenty of conversions and eye candy from the warriors with their plastic tubes (made from immortal rods) or the spiders (converted before the new model came out) and more.

That is it. Make an offer and see if it sticks. There is no harm in trying. I am waiting for you to potentially take ownership of an incredible army!

UPDATE: Here is a link to my Necron stuff. Check out the sale here

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