Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It Came from the Forums: QOrbin's Conversions and alternative paint scheme!

TJ here with another edition of It Came from the Forums. This time we are looking at QOrbin's work from Dakka Dakka!

This daemon prince is really nice. It shows what simple conversions paired with solid painting technique can do for a model. He completely transformed the silly plastic DP model into something sinister and eclectic, which is ultimately the founding spirit of 40k art.

Another interesting conversion that creates an eclectic character using conversions and paint to bring things together.

Here we see a very different take on the Heldrake. This is like an alien enigma, complete with tentacles and menacing ambiguity.

I wonder how long it took to file off all of the Chaos filigree from the original model?

Overall, it creates a sense of dread, which fits the Chaos theme without using Daemon themes, which is pretty cool and inspirational for those who like Chaos but don't like using Daemons.

As we get into his army, we see a very complimentary paint scheme. The use of shapes breaks away the box shape of the rhino and makes the model much more visually appealing.

Check out this hideous scout/ cultists!

Here is a heresy era terminator, which looks great in this scheme. What I also like to see is the use of weathering powder on the base. To me, powders always make for the most realistic bases.

Moving into what I really love to see, this sculpt on the DP is absolutely stunning and the pose and and shape of the robe are flawless.

Here is an Ogryn/ Spawn (I imagine he can run this as whatever he really wants). The conversion hints toward the dark mechanicus, gene farmed muscles and other grim dark themes we have read about in heresy books and inquisitor text.

Here is a Greater Daemon, which is another great case study on Q's robe sculpting abilities (which I demand a tutorial on. DEMAND I say!)

This is super cool. Whether you are a fan of Silent Hill or not, this is awesome. Not only is the work done flawlessly, but the different sources he drew bits from shows a clear understanding of the range and the scale at which GW creates models.

Another look ...

Now this conversion here is something Kraut has shared with me before but I chose to share again as the legs are a demonstration on how you can build a really unique Chaos Titan without touching the Knight titan kit.

As we get into the INQ28 stuff, I just want to point out some of the freakish quality of these conversions and the clear Blanche influence that shows all to clear with brilliant understanding and horror!

This guy is creepy, like a Dark Mech Professor X.

Finally, this conversion based on the Fantasy Vampire Lord is so well done, it makes me want to build it myself. This is not all Q has to offer though, he has much more and even some Goblin Blood Bowl action on his thread Here.

Show him some love and encouragement on his thread!


  1. Really amazing stuff here. Especially sculpt-conversions are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing these TJ, I hardly ever get on the forums but these are great examples of why I should! Having tried a few sculpted robes myself, I know how hard they are and how great he made them look.

  3. Wow. These are just jaw-dropping.