Monday, January 26, 2015

Glottkin Conversions: Plague Panther Part 1

TJ here to talk about my first Glottkin conversion peice. Basically, I am turning his arms into an entirely different (40k) model. Let's take a look at the mock up so far, which I call the Panther to fit my history of zoo themed project names.

So when I got a hold of the arms, I immediately saw two choices for 40k; a heldrake (scroll down for my thoughts) and a Maulerfiend/ Spiked Chaos Beast model. You may also be able to make a gross soul grinder. I chose the mauler/ beast route because it adds to the zoo rush list and I have two drakes (I would like to keep my friends so I will maintain that limit).

Pose-wise the name panther is obvious and as soon as I saw the potential, I ordered mauler arms from ebay for $4, which is pretty cheap, especially when you can get these arms from glottkin for $12 if you dont want to buy the model.

Because I am always asked what the yellow stuff is, it is Milliput. Cheap, useful and efficient, Milliput over a core of foam is a great way to marry this pair up and make a body you can sculpt over, which is the plan. I want to make a gross skin to match the model and fill out some of the areas of the body to make it a little more animalistic and less like a worm with legs tacked on.

As for a drake, it could easily be large enough for the model and certainly would be high enough with the tail down. You really just need to get some fans or wings for the obvious ability to fly. Use your imagination and avoid cliches and you should have an amazing flier. I may just have to make one someday for the fun of it.

Here is a shot of it with an oval base to help you gauge size.

The shape of the model and the temptation of playing Fantasy has led to me somewhat wanting to add wings and go the putrid dragon route and if that is your thing, it is totally doable.

For now, I welcome any feedback or ideas as I plunge into the panther. Also, sex panther jokes are totally welcome ;^)

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  1. How is there not a thousand comments on this piece. Holy crap all mighty this is awesome beyond words.

    My only suggestion at this point, would be to possibly bulk up the front area (if you are going to add the wings). If possible, if your next post, please put some other models by this so we can get a good size comparison. Helps with suggestions!