Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Budget wings for DIY Hell Blade/ Talon or Heldrake: Cheap doesn't have to be flimsy or ugly!

TJ here with a budget minded tutorial on building Chaotic Wings for a Do It Yourself Hell Blade, Hell Talon or Heldrake. The size of the wings I make in this tut will be more appropriate for a Hell Talon, but can easily be trimmed down either before or after construction. I ended up making mine for a Hell Blade by modifying them.

Before we get too far, I am not a handy man. I take bad notes and those of you who may have OCD will likely dislike my ADD methods! Condider this a journey and less a tutorial if it makes you feel better.

Anyway, let's talk materials and get on with the tut.

Here we go. The initial materials you need will be a straight ruler (you can have one with less bling, but as a man with daughters, even my tools must be fabulous), a pencil, a boxcutter (really helpful), a bone saw (also helpful, but not completely necessary) and a cutting board (or suface you don't care about).

 Later, you will need more, but your initial tools are in the photo.

 As far as material, the first thing you will need with be a 7" wooden disk from Hobby Lobby. These are great as they are light, sturdier than card and super cheap (about $1). All sizes of these disks are 1/8 of an inch. They come in a variety of sizes so they can be scaled easily!

Next use the ruler and pencil to draw a line down the middle of the circle.


Next, draw lines down the sides to make a open triangle and then use the remianing space to close off the shapeto look more like a paper airplane like in the photo above.

Now cut the lines with the box cutter. At first you will want to trace lightly to develop a groove and then cut deeper into the established cut, then press down and drag the blade. The box cutter alone should cut the light wood, but the bonesaw comes in handy if not.

Be careful not to get your hand in the way of the blades.

Now you have two large triangles for wings. If you are making a drake, you can repeat these steps with smaller circles to make a series of small bladelike wings. If you are making a talon, the width of these will be fine once the hull is added. For the Hell blade, you will want to cut an inch off the sides as I will show you in the last photo in this post.

Now take that leftover part of the circle and cut yourself a good triangle shape about 3" long on the longer side (once again, I am making things up as I go, but this tut can give you some ideas)

Now you have a couple of peices that seem like thy may belong together! Now match them up.

Now label these sides so you know at least the upsides and the downsides. This will make it much easier to add the filigree (chaos trim, baby).

Next trace each side onto a peice of plastic card (thickness is up to you). Label your sides on the plasticard to match your wings.

You end up with something like this. This is where your freehand fun begins!

Take that pencil and ruler and design yourself some chaotic trim or maybe make it very straight and mechanical. The choice is yours.

Once you are done with that, either cut it out with a hobby knife or scissors and glue it to the wood. File or trim the edges once the glue dries so it is flush.

Now you have some good looking wings. As I said before,  you can use these straight up with a good size hull to achieve the width of the Hell talon (maybe go end to end with four wings to make two really long ones to.match the Talon length)

For a Drake, go nuts.

For the Hell blade, these wings were too wide once I added a "hull" as seen below, so I actually cut an inch from each side of the big wings and then eyeballed the edges of the little ones.

This is what I came up with after shaving an inch off each side. My daemon hull is nowhere near finished, but Hell Blade will be sick. Hopefully my.little journey has been enlightening so far!

Please feel free to give feedback, steal, modify or toss my idea. I have never been a handy man here, but I have always offered what I have learned modelling. Here is another lesson from the desk! I will gladly post WIP here as the project continues. 

For those who try it, send me links to your results! I think my wings cost like $1.75!


  1. Sweet! Also, my ruler is less fab than yours, but my pencil has hearts all over it - mainly for precision (but it looks pretty too).

  2. Nice start!!
    The past week I was talking to a friend about making a hell blade or hell talon for his Chaos army... and now this blog entry! Indeed the Dark Gods work in mysterious ways.

  3. Always great to see these types of articles, as it reminds us all about how we have so many tools at our disposal to create great miniatures, and don't have to be filthy rich to do so!