Thursday, August 7, 2014

Blanche Inspired Traitor Knight Titan by John Ashton!

TJ here to help draw some attention to a fantastic artist and his most ambitious project: A Blanche inspired Purple and Pink Traitor Knight! This is very vivid, but very awesome. Let's take a brief look and then check out his link to see more.

I personally love bright colors, but I know they aren't for everyone. That being said, I love a project that speaks to an artist or a piece of the background art that has been left behind. In this case, it harks back to the old leopard print Emperor's Children days. I love it it and I know it represents a huge amount of time in paint and effort.

The artist is of John Ashton Heresy and Heroes and to see the rest of the photos of this great model and to see his site, where you can find more of his work, check out the link here. If you like what you see, leave him a comment or just follow his blog!


  1. You sir, are a true gent. Thanks for the post! Loving your blog too - very inspiring stuff. I have therefore added it to my blogroll. One good deed deserves another. Cheers! - John Ashton

  2. No school like the old school, right?

    John really needs to do a Nurgle one too. ~_^

  3. Holy hell! This is like something out of my dreams, amazing!