Monday, July 7, 2014

First Look at WAAAAGH Ghazghkull from FTGT!

TJ here to help spread the news of my favorite Ork character, Ghazghkull Thraka! and his new supplement. DFG Network Member, Evan S., of Facing the Grey Tide has all the news with some of my favorite tidbits below:
SO Facing the Grey Tide (link at the bottom of this article) dropped his initial review of the new Ork supplement and there is a lot of fun stuff in there from the sound of it. From Orkimedes' sacred Ork Relics as mentioned below:

The wargear (Orkimedes' Kustom Gubbinz) include a big choppa that increases in Strength and lowers in AP for each round of combat in which it inflicts an unsaved wound; a Bosspole that gives fearless; a power klaw that can "smash" with instant death on one attack; a KFF that gives a 4+ .... check out the link for more.

There are more rules, but also a ton of formation options like the WAAAAAGH Council!!!! Which is detailed below:

the Council of Waaagh!, which is a self contained CC deathstar of Ghaz, Mad Dok Grotsnik, 2 Warbosses, a Big Mek, and a unit of Nobz with a Waaagh! Banner. They must be used as a single unit and the ICs cannot break off. The unit's Waaagh Banner grants fearless in addition to the +1WS, and allows units within 12" to reroll failed morale and pinning checks. The Warbosses in the unit get an additional +1WS to their profile as well. Finally, Ghaz gets two bonus rolls on the Ghaz warlord table in addition to his own regular Warlord trait ... check out the link for more.

There is a lot more to this including a formation of over 100 orks in a single unit, non-formation rules, ect. Check out all the news at Facing the Grey Tide.

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