Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hump Day and A look Ahead

Hello all and with my deployment hitting the approximate half-way point, I figure I will start planning my return. With that being said, I want to get some things out in the air and bounce some ideas off the regular readers of DFG.
People often refer to the "rules of blogging" in reference to anything from the number of posts, how often, subjects discussed ect., but the real point behind this whole form of communication is ... well, communication right?

So with that said, is the blog still the way people discuss their hobby? Have we moved back to forums, perhaps Facebook, Reddit or some other media? Where do you go to read about or discuss the aspects of the hobby you are interested in?

I personally will always keep DFG open even in the event (not likely) that I let conversion and painting go for a while ... but really, what has always been the key to this whole effort (and really the key to the inspiration behind my best work) ... is the interaction and feedback I have gotten over the years and if there is a better place to do it, then let me know so that when I get back I can diversify my efforts and put them into places where the readers are.

Now beyond blog issues, there is the whole 7th edition hoopla going on all over the internet right now. Even halfway around the world, on a Navy vessel, engaged in operations, I still get tons of info on 7th ... for once, I am glad I am away and on a break, because I can hang back and not worry about all the drama while the edition figures itself out ... though I must also say that I am excited for my Army of the Apocalypse Daemons/CSM/Necrons.

When I get back, I have quite a few things to get back to on the workbench. Before I left, I was working on a Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse themed group of Heralds/Biker lords or sorcs that would be unique, scary and would fit into my insane army's overall theme. I probably won't get right to work on them, what with holidays, camping ect to do, but I promise you that killer conversions are on their way.

Aside from that, we have added DKMorals to the blog authors and I for one am excited to see him join the team. I know everything has been slow here but I do want to thank our readers for hanging on.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their summer. Please let me know what you think of the blog, the future or 7th edition. The floor is yours to discuss anything!


  1. Keep up with the regular content mate, I still believe in blogging.

  2. I still get more interaction from the blog, but I do have a Facebook page that all my blogposts are automatically fed to for those that want to catch up via Facebook. It may cannibalise some of my page views but if it makes accessing easier foir the reader then it was worth doing.

  3. Regular content is tough on deployment, but surely once I return, I will be fairly regular. The team seems to also be down ...

  4. Keep up the good work, TJ, in blogging and in service. Thanks for all that you do! (Haze grey and underweigh!)

  5. crap. I meant "underway" not "anchors aweigh"...

  6. Blog when you have time and ideas or content to share. I prefer well done posts rather than posting for posts sake. Keep up the good work!

  7. I still believe in blogging, personally, but it's still just as much work as it always was. Are people diving head first into Facebook as a huge outlet and news source? Yeah. Will I begin to have a Facebook presence because of that? Sure, but I don't think blogging is dead by a long shot.

  8. I am finding the facebook groups are the new place the forum trolls are going to. For the most part some are civil, but I stopped following a bunch of the 40K ones even before I stopped playing.