Thursday, April 24, 2014

It Came From the Forums Update: Demidov Returns with More Mind Blowing Work!!

Welcome to another Update Edition of It Came From the Forums, where we take a look at an artist already featured on It Came From the Forums in the past. This time, we look at new work from Demidov of Dakka Dakka!

Demidov wow'd us before with his incredible paintwork, but this giant titan is the perfect canvas to go for new heights in his craft.

There is so much going on from fissures to lightning to glowing power and gleams. There are tron style 3d squares, galactic swirls ... it is almost too much to handle, but so well done and well-transitioned it keeps the model right in that sweet spot of being loud, but just outside of ridiculous.

If you want to see more of Demidov's works, check out the link at the bottom of this post. He has tons of Eldar, Daemons and more.

Everything about this model is shocking and incredible. I think we have found the king of Eldar painters.

But there is always more ...

Demidov offers us another DP, this one is more of a Fantasy style Prince and I think the softer tones and incredible blending in the muscles really set the tone for an old world monster, while still holding true to the artists' talents.

The base is also a very nice touch. Very well done.

Then there is the Legion of the Damned Dreadnought, which may not seem impressive compared to the titan or any of the Eldar work you have seen from this artist, but take a closer look. Those little skeletons and many other features are hand made.

The fire and lava effects are also very well executed and leave me wanting more LOD work!

SO if you like what you see, check out this link to Demidov's Gallery and check out the real meat of his work. Stand by because it will blow you away.


  1. Lovely work. the Daemon Prince is the standout of the three to me.

  2. Big fan of the Deamon prince and dread. The titan is just too busy.

  3. This is ridiculously good, and reminds me of how rubbish my painting is haha.

  4. Definately a painting standard i'll never acomplish... awesome!