Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Special Operations Killzone needs the communities help!

I need some assistance getting Special Operations Killzone up to date. I have poured a ton of passion, heart and soul into SO Killzone, I would hate for it to sit unupdated much longer.

Currently I am not playing much in the way of 40k at all; I have been more involved in 30k for a while now. Then couple this with the fact that I have been heavily involved writing stuff for Warzone Resurrection and the cost of the rapidly releasing 40k codices you might understand why Codex Operatives is woefully out of date. On top of that I am getting constantly emailed telling me that the Codex Ops is out of date.

Basically it boils down to the fact that I do not have the time nor am willing to spend the money on game books I won't be using to keep the Codex Operatives updated; so at this point I do not have any idea of when I might be able to tackle such a project on my own.

If SO Killzone has any hope of getting properly updated it will only be through the help of the community. The main rules are set and good to go as is, but the codex operatives needs a 6th ed update for everything after Dark Angels.

I have asked for help in the past and even had a few people say that they were gonna help, which is great, but this time around if you volunteer you need to have the initiative to get these things rolling without me assigning a task; I am very busy currently and do not have the time to micromanage the project.

What needs doing and what sort of things are you looking for? Codex: Daemons, Tau, Eldar, Space Marine, Sisters of Battle and Tyranids need doing. You need to look for special rules and Wargear that will mess with the one man unit dynamic of SO Killzone. Remember every model in SO Killzone acts as it's own unit.

Here is a link to the current SO Killzone documents.

If you are willing to help out email me at galaxynflames @ gmail dot com

With your help Special Operations Killzone can thrive and get updates in 2014!

Until next time, keep your powder dry and lead flying!

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