Monday, January 13, 2014

Selling A TON of Bits and Models! See anything You Need?

TJ here to announce that Spring cleaning has started early and I am selling a ton of bits and models, including a HUGE Space Marine lot (enormous), a metal Space Marine Character lot, two terrain lots (one featuring classic barriers for you Stonghold fans and plenty of bases for all! Let's take a look.

Ok, so if the pic above intrigued you, then that is actually from my Space Marine lot, but we will get to that at the bottom of the post.

First I want to talk about these barriers, tank traps and fuel tanks. They are classics and now they have rules. Get them here because I think they are OOP.

Next up is a lot from Mordheim, my first true love of wargaming, I have five humanoid dudes (I think it is the champion, darkstar and three acolytes, along with a possessed (missing one arm, but I am you can fix that can't you?) Also, I have included two old school Metal Bloodletters.

Here we have 13 60mm bases (that 14th one is actually a cover meant to add terrain instantly to a 60mm base. They need some love, but hey, this is a chance to get some free bases that are normally expensive.

Bike Bases!

I know there are never enough slotted bases in the world, unless you are me ... then you have 50 for sale.
This is a metal Space Marine lot with an old Black Templar Emperor's Champ, a partially painted Sanguinor, most of Astorath, a Games Day Space Marine Captain, Lord Solar Mecharius, two Azmodai models ... but the catch? I have used parts from most of these models, so many of them will need a little conversion work, but hey, they are metal and not FineCast, check out the photos to see if you are interested.

There are also a few metal shields, a Watcher in the Dark, a Multi-Melta ....

But let's talk about the big show ... the HUGE Space Marine bits lot. There are a ton of built and unbuilt Marines in this pile, I would confidently say you could form an army of tac Marines from these or outfit some with the bits found here into stearnguard or some other veteran ect. There are bits in this lot from Assault on Black Reach, scout kits, tactical kits, Space Marine Captain kits, biker kits, vehicle kits, space wolf kits, assault terminator kits and shooty terminator kits. Take a close look at all the photos and you will find banners, power weapons, meltas, flamers, plasma and more.

Several Marines are already equiped with multi-meltas!

This is a dream lot for a new Marine player or one who wants to expand their collection.

I basically filled a large freezer bag half way with my entire Space Marine bits box and then dumped Marines in as well. I never plan to play codex Marines because I am a Chaos guy at heart, so since I already have my chaos built, I am selling off all of this at once, no cherry picking.

That's it for now, please check out my sales link in the right hand column or check out the link here.

Thanks for looking. I will be in cleaning mode for the next two weeks, so expect many more auctions to crop up. If you are interested, just check out my store frequently.


  1. while far from and efficient way of getting them the tank traps and barrels are not OOP they are available in the Battlefield Accesories pack from GW (

  2. Aha, thank you for spotting that. I couldn't remember if they had stopped producing them or not.

  3. @TJ, so how do we go about purchasing these? Are they on ebay or do we contact you? I'm interested in the marine bag, drop me an email at oktane79 at hotmail dot com and let me know what you're asking for them and we'll sort something out,I may also have a few bits and pieces you may want.

  4. Actually excuse my dumb arsedness,just found what I was asking about.

  5. I could really use those 60mm bases, but it says you won't ship to the UK. *sad face*

  6. I'd love to bid on the special characters lot (all those big ol' wings and Solar Mecharius!), but much like Knight above me, I can;t as I live int he UK. Good luck with the auctions though!

  7. I possibly could genuinely use those 60mm facets, nevertheless it says you will not vessel to the UK. FUT Coins