Monday, January 27, 2014

A couple of my Painted Chaos Models hit Ebay! Spring Cleaning!

I just added a couple of items to the Ebay sales I posted up yesterday and thought I would drop in with some photos of them. Sorry to post so much Ebay crap here, but in the end, I really do care that the models I sell end up in the hands of people who will do something with them, otherwise I would just leave them in the garage and the closet of doom. Anyway, for all those Black Legion and Nurgle fans out there, I have added two of my favorite models to the sales - my BL land raider Supreme and my Winged Nurgle Daemon Prince. Check it out

The Black Legion Land Raider was my personal ride for Abbadon the Despoiler whenever I ran him in games and it has all the things you would expect of a Warmaster's ride. There are 4 shields each color-coded to one of the Dark Gods, a Giant Chaos Star on each side of the Raider, some nice, big skulls, some extra armor and a sweet paintjob. I love this model, but I don't think it gets the table time it deserves, so I think a Black Legion player out there is just waiting for this to add to his collection!

Next up is the Nurgle Daemon Prince with wings. This guy is metal (except for the wings) and has seen a ton of table time. Despite all that, his paintjob is still on point and he has NEVER fallen apart (knock on wood).

This is likely because the Lord of the Rings Balrog wings are made of some really strong, thick plastic ... and also because I used some 1/4 inch rods to anchor them into the metal body of this model! Then I covered the joints and sculpted Green Stuff into place over them!

Not only is this metal model a classic, but I also embelished it with zombies on the base (including this impaled zombie.

This model has always turned heads and no matter how many times an opponent looks at it, there is always something new to see, like this rising zombie on the base.

I've always enjoyed this model, but with all the new Daemons I have been making, he likely isn't going to get the table time he deserves.

So I am offering him up to somebody who wants a Nurgle Prince but lacks to time to make one like this.

As a final note, this model is extra manly as I used power tools to create the rotted effect on the wings!

In any case, I have this up and several armies-worth of bits and models up for sale this week. If you are interested, just check them out here. Thanks for taking a look and we will be back to our normal posting soon, just bear with us through Spring cleaning.


  1. I would have bought one or both of them privately more than likely. Send me a PM on face book or email if your ever looking to unload again.