Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dreadknight Daemon Prince Conversion: Part 1, Help Me Make A DP

TJ here with another big baddie. Before I took off on the boat a month ago, I was building a DP out of a Dreadknight I had won at a local tourney. I just didn't feel right with where it was going, so before I left I tore an arm off of it and disappeared.

When I came back last week, I cut the remaining arm off and added the Doom Scythe weapon ... I liked it, so I started adding Green Stuff Tentacles, using my Tentacle Maker and a little Goat Boy inspiration (he has been doing some sick shit with his TM lately!)

I've been adding the tentacles and I am digging the cyborg theme it is helping me build.

I'll keep adding tentacles as time goes on, though I am looking for a little something else. At this point, I still felt uninspired. It started to dawn on me that the face ... that treasured bit from the old Apocalypse promotional boxes ... that daemon mask I had held onto since 2008, was in fact the culprit. It just wasn't doing it for me. Also I wanted to do a little something with the back.

SO here is what I did ... I took out the face with a dremel, but left the lower jaw and the creepy optics coming out of the mouth, added the freaky cyclopytic eye that is so familiar to my brand of Chaos, then I started taking apart Warp Talon backpacks to help build the back of the model into a warped jet pack.

Now I am looking at options for the other arm. I could go with a Deff Dread buzzsaw arm, I could go with a big scythe arm, like a medium leg from the Necron Stalker ... I could use pretty much anything, I have a ton of bits. What do you think? Help me generate some ideas.


  1. Very cool! I think I'd want to see another mutated Necron arm on him to tie it together. The head piece works great too. Looking forward to seeing it finished!

  2. Thanks. I'm now down to either the necron talon arm or a robot arm with a giant custom spear