Thursday, December 26, 2013

Crazy Maulerfiend Conversion Part 1: The Stone Horn Cometh!

TJ here and it really seems like I cannot stop making giant monsters for my Chaos armies. This time, I am working on a Maulerfiend with some major kitbashing going on. This is just the first of several posts that will take you along on the ride for this conversion. Let's take a look at where we stand right now.

I have been saving this maulerfiend body for quite some time and finally decided to use it. The trouble is that I already used all the arms and legs in other conversions, like the Gorilla and the Minotaur and the Heldragon. I have been working on a Dreadknight-based daemon prince lately and happened to have a set of Dreadknight legs laying around from that conversion, so I started playing around by adding them to the mauler body ... then I started looking through the bits box. I have this stonehorn head from the Ogre Kingdoms army I built in 2011. I have wanted to use it for a while, but have never had anything big enought to use it with ... the birth of something crazy was officially in the works ...

I then added the little mechanical eye (from the necron command barge) and then, keeping in the idea that this Daemon engine moves around like a silverback gorilla, added some long, defiler arms. I imagine him running like a gorilla, using his horns and teeth to tear things up!

Up behind the head, I plan to add cabling and tons of fur running down the back.

After that, I will add plenty of corrupted flesh to the arms and legs to really add to the Daemon engine theme.

That is it for now, but I do look forward to adding to this model after the holidays. In the meantime, I would love to hear what you think.


  1. Very cool. I think once it has the flesh and cabling it will all really tie together well. Some great kit bashes going on here :)

  2. Looks really bad ass with that head :) If i may say one thing about it which i hope comes in a contructive way rather than critique; I am not entirely convinced about his arms/front legs. If you have a plan though, i think it's too early for me to say something overly helpful, but think you should follow your vision of the model before listening to others at this early a stage.

    Otherwise, the idea is spectacular! I like the way the head makes him extremely menacing.

  3. Icereaver I appreciate the criticism and am open to ideas, I just really don't have immediate access to arms at this scale without going the metal ape route using these defiler arms. I am certainly open to hearing suggestions.

  4. As ever, love your work. I'm jealous of your bits box, and looking forward to the monstrosities you build with the new tyranid parts, or maybe that's just me looking forward to new models. One thought from your gorilla comments - have you considered turning the arms knuckle down, to give it more of a gorilla profile??