Wednesday, December 4, 2013

20 Hi-Fi Plague Bearers on Maggot Bases Join the Fight!

TJ here with some more Daemons I have painted up and this time, I am adding 20 colorful Plague Bearers to the mix. Why are they so colorful and not green? Why not!

I am making a tutorial right now that should post up over the next week that details how I painted these an my Horrors, so I will spare you the long "How I Paint These" explaination.

It should go without saying to those who follow the blog regularly, that I am a fan of corrupted flesh and BRIGHT colors, so it should be no suprise I went there hard on these models with bright poison swords!

I also added bruising with purples and pinks and a yellow patch around them.

The maggot bases are the work of Chris Vinton. After he made them, I casted up a couple hundred.

As far as the models go, these are the best plague bearer models to date and I have owned the previous two generations ... both of which were terrible.

There are tons of nice and gory details on these and I really enjoyed painting them.

With that said, I would love to hear what you think of the job and of course, if you have a bunch of unpainted plague bearers, check out the upcoming tutorial for a way to paint these up quick (two hours a squad quick.


  1. Those are thoroughly disgusting! ...In other words, perfect. Nice work, man!

  2. Nice work. Looking forward to the tutorial!

  3. They look great. Fantastic alternative colour scheme for them. I love how the bright colours really makes them pop and really draws your eyes in. cool stuff

  4. The bruising looks really good, TJ! Your color scheme is a nice change from what everyone else (including me) does: Nurgle = green. Well done!

  5. Very nice. I would probably have swapped the yellow/purple ratio but that is really a matter of preference. You might consider adding a water effect to the sword to give it an oozing look (which you already almost have) or maybe the new GW paint that does that.

  6. I think people who don't like the new PB models are dumb.
    Not really.
    But the new models are awesome and a scheme like this really makes them shine. Great work as always TJ.

  7. Thanks everybody! To Paul, I just opened the new effects paint and will try it out when I get off the boat, so I may add it to the scheme.